A "modern-day Patsy Cline", her album is "a fusion old-school Nashville and new-school country."

Raised in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, deep rooted in strong tradition and even stronger people, hails a hidden gem. Her name is Samee Cannon-- a singer/ songwriter who will have you hooked after hearing one note sang and after one glance. Samee's voice and charisma are matched by her energy and beauty, which compliments her drive and passion towards being heard in an industry that is saturated with normalcy. She is hands down the voice of a new movement in country music, getting back to the roots of soulful and powerful music matched by the same in personalities.  


New City, Same Samee

After years of dreaming, Samee hitched her wagon and headed west to the country music capitol- Nashville, Tennessee. Since moving to Nashville she has been writing and performing in all corners of music city. While honing her writing skills and sharing her music with the world she continues to bring traditional country roots to the uprising and evolving market. 


Her debut EP, "Pretty Artillery" released in 2014 covers all the bases in classic country music.

Samee's debut album is loaded with song after song of hooks and hits. She was recorded at Hybrid Audio Solutions in Charleston, South Carolina, with production and engineering by Alan Price and Scott Gould. Her album "Pretty Artillery" will be recognized by many for the simple fact that it is a complete album filled with stories, melodies and a whole lot of heart.