Samee @ The Bluebird Cafe

Samee performing two original songs at The Bluebird Cafe. Premiering her upcoming single "The Thief".

Music Video

"Heartbreak City" is available on Samee's debut EP Pretty Artillery which is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

Production by Drew Glickman Films.

High School Parking Lot

For most of us, High School can be a time machine- never changing. Some of the most important lessons in life can be learned outside of those many walls.


Life- an up beat little tune written by Samee. 

She describes it as: 

"Better life" is a state of mind.
Sometimes where you are is exactly where you should be. Hug the ones you love and take it day by day.

Staying for awhile

Samee performing a original song during a writers round at Cabana Nashville. 


Long distance relationships are hard. 

This song was written with that in mind.